The trend of Slow Living has been around a while now and although trends come and go, this one is sticking with us and for good reason. It is perhaps less a trend and more a way of living that has become increasingly popular in cities such as London where the frenetic day to day has become overwhelming. We often feel like ‘getting off the bus’ and slowing things down but this choice should be followed at home to really bring this around. It is about embracing the simple aesthetic, living consciously and investing in fashion and interior finds that last. We have found an increasing number of people questioning the origin of pieces, fabrics and finishes with a shift to sustainability, natural textures and paired back furniture.

This is all very well but you may ask how to practically bring this Slow Living idea into your home? As Marie Kondo now famously advises – keep only the things that you really love. Add personality and warmth to your rooms with NATURAL textures, WARM colours and SMOOTH shapes. Photos, books and items collected on holiday are an instant injection of ‘you’ into any room. Focus on the LIGHT you have too – natural light is important but as this fades to evening, make sure you have ambient light to warm the room and task lighting only where you need to focus on work like a desk or kitchen counter. LAYER up your room slowly – there is no quick fix in the Slow Living idea!

 image 1 moodboard 2 flowers 3 Hallway 4 Sitting Room 5 Mood board 6 Library 7 Kitchen 8 Dining Room 9 Mood board 10 Sitting Room  







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