Our Story

We believe that great interior design doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. That with smart choices, some savvy design techniques and a few pieces that stand out from the usual, anyone can create their own, unique space to fit their lifestyle.

Having worked professionally for high end design consultancies, while helping friends to design their homes on the side – we realised that there was a huge opportunity to open up interior design to people with smaller projects or budgets but no less sense of style.

And so Olivine Life was born.

Decorating a room doesn’t have to be overwhelming, time consuming or confusing. Our platform allows you to work with our experienced team to create a room tailor made for you and reflecting your unique style – all online.

We’re dedicated to bringing you a curated, creative and affordable source of interior design inspiration and guidance, all on one site.

Victoria & Taline


  • How would you best describe your style?

    T Colour, texture and pattern, incorporating classic and contemporary…

    V I would have to say the same, helped with a mix of inherited pieces and the new contemporary I have picked up along the way moving between countries…of course with the added assistance of my children’s eclectic toy collection.

  • What rules do you break?

    T Perfectly matching interiors, its so much more fun when rooms are unbalanced.

    V So many.

  • Where do you turn for inspiration?

    T England’s seasonal colours.

    V Travel, and I do have a weakness for interior design books and magazines.

  • What are the first things you consider when designing a new room?

    T The client and their lifestyle, and the personality of the space.

    V Colour and light.

  • What is your dream project?

    T A hideaway beach villa in the sun, or a ruined croft in the highlands.

    V One with an unlimited budget. Failing that, a boutique hotel with personality.

  • What is your favourite city?

    T Edinburgh — all the great attributes of a big city on a smaller scale.

    V Cape Town — for the lifestyle, and Florence — for the charm.

  • What is your favourite museum?

    T The V&A in London.

    V Definitely the V&A.

  • What is the colour that you never get tired of? / go to colour palette?

    T I never get tired of colour — I love it, but my go to colour palette would be green and blue.

    V Blue — it can be mixed with so much.

  • Who is your favourite artist?

    T Anita Klein.  I love the colour she uses and the form she creates with her subject matter.

    V Ornulf Opdahl

  • What do you love about where you live?

    T I love the laid back pace of country life.

    V The anonymity and diversity of London.

  • What’s next on your shopping list?

    T Too many to count in order to finish off my sitting room!

    V A table from Bethan Gray.

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