We love mood boards in this studio – created just for fun or for a project. We have one that has evolved on sheets of cork pinned to the wall above our desk and anything that inspires will get added. There is one rule – ‘only add what you truly love’ – although this does require a little editing from time to time. We do realise that they are not as easy as we make them appear. Look at it as a collection, it should tell a story – this time, of the room you want to create, the colours you want to use and the styles you wish to include.

These four gorgeous boards are from Paper n Stitch and show just how varied you can be – COLOUR can come from so many different sources. Start with ONE PIECE and build your project from there – this might be a wallpaper sample you found or a painted card of the colour you want to use on the walls. The walls will be largest point of colour in the room if you do choose something bold, so from here you should be adding accent colours and pattern. Pull colours in and experiment with colours you haven’t imagined you would use – you might surprise yourself.

As you can see from these Lonny magazine images, you can pin to anywhere you have space. These boards ultimately serve a practical purpose but you shouldn’t be too worried about the rules to begin with. TEAR, don’t carefully cut, and then add big and small images to the board to LAYER it up slowly. If you are keeping pieces of furniture in the room then print and stick them to the board, they will add a design element you mustn’t forget to consider. The board will allow you to EXPERIMENT with everything from colours to styles without having to commit. This might mean you create more than one in order to be sure and don’t forget to add in the unexpected. In telling the story of your room, you shouldn’t know the answer until the end.

Enjoy creating and we love to hear from you so please share what you are working on! Victoria & Taline








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