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It is always such fun researching children’s room design – whether its for a pretty girls room, a bubbly boys room or a nursery, the scope for using our imagination to create the scheme and then keep adding to it as they grow, is endless. We tend to break the rules more and as inevitably toys and books are added, we can layer up pattern and colour in ways we shy against in our more formal living areas. The beautifully quirky and delicate illustrations of Christine Pym are always a good place to look for inspiration and if you are feeling crafty and creative, try making this felt flower mobile for some floral fun.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 17.48.39

images 1 Illustration 2 Chair 3 Sheep 4 Table 5 Cushion 6 Throw 7 Illustration 8 Basket  9 Felt Flower Mobile  10 Apple Pouffe

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