Going Green

             We love this natural hue. From emerald to olive green, it can be paired with colours from blush pink to shiny brass. It is often associated with traditional interiors but its recent rise in popularity, has green blocks of colour sitting comfortably in contemporary interiors. The easiest way to bring […]

3 Simple Steps to Warming Up A Room

January is inevitably the cold, grey month that follows the festivities of Christmas. We want to hibernate, retreat into our homes in order to avoid the reality of ‘almost snow storms’, low skies and dark mornings. This means warming up your house and making the most of this time of year … and we have three […]

Going with Grey

             So often these days ‘going dark’ in interiors is a style statement, a strong one. At this time of year however, it can be more about ‘going with it’. Cold frosty weather keeps us indoors for the most part, so why not embrace the grey surrounding us, amp up the texture, […]

Josef Frank and a Passion for Pattern

            If you have the same passion for pattern and love of botanical prints that we do, London’s Fashion and Textile Museum has an exciting new exhibition of Josef Franks fabrics that starts on the 28th of January. Josef Frank (1885 – 1967) was born and grew up in Vienna where he studied […]

Palatial Beauty

These beautiful photographs from David Burdeny highlight the detail, colour and scale of  these rooms – without the clutter of people and ‘things’. His images are simply stunning…making us want to book a flight out today just to see them ourselves! From Italy and Cuba to the metro stations in Russia… “The sublime resides even in […]

Shades of Blue & Green

            Images 1 Carnival, Pale Blue 2 Fired Earth, Skylon Grey 3 Breve Coffee table 4 Basket 5 Throw 6 Brass Loop Mirror 7 Toile Carreaux, Teal 8 Fontibre Plain, Brown 9 Pachinko, Blue      

Theatrical Design

            We often gaze longingly at the beautiful houses found in magazines, books and online but rarely would we have the chance of living in them – this one however, is on the market which is how it finds itself on The Modern House. An old silk merchants house, it is […]

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