Diane Keaton has an iconic personal style and a long standing love affair with architecture and design. She has spent years buying and renovating apartments and houses but this is the first time she has built a house from the ground up. On the advice of a friend, she turned to Pinterest for inspiration. We often turn to Pinterest and other visual social media platforms for interior inspiration so we love this idea.

The idea that you can turn to Pinterest and create boards of details, finishes, fixtures and spaces that can be recreated into something personal for yourself. The book is a comprehensive feast of imagery that Diane used to build a house, a dream realised for her. It is all about black and white colour, the texture of brick and wood, and an affection for industrial fittings. It isn’t the overall design of the house that we love (although its wonderful and imaginative), its the idea that you can use a platform so accessible to all of us, to create a home that is so personal and stylish.








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