We love a gallery wall for its flexibility and impact but you may be thinking you have seen it all before … the trick is to think a little out the box and mix up the idea. You can use anything from your holiday sketches, gallery posters or the collection of mirrors you love too much to throw out. Grouped together, these become an art form in itself. We have gone in search of a few new ideas and mixed them with a few tried and tested to illustrate why the gallery wall is here to stay.
These all lend themselves to an eclectic collection of art. If you are in doubt – experiment by cutting brown paper out in the exact size of each picture, tape to the wall and play around with placement before hitting a nail. Picture shelves painted in as above on this charcoal grey wall leaves you free to move pictures around and even add your favourite books into the mix. The one thing each of these images have in common is the collective grouping of colour and personality!

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