We understand design is not a formula and each customer will approach their design differently. Thats where we come in – to transform your ideas into a beautiful new space, unique to you. Often the most difficult step is the first step – where to start, how to start and what questions to ask?

LAYOUT LAYOUT Consider the layout of your room before investing in any larger pieces of furniture. Don’t be tempted to over crowd the room and instead think through who will use the room, how many people you will need to seat and when the room will be used and choose pieces based on this. There is more than one layout and while you are working through the options, try not to push all furniture against the wall, instead consider which pieces can be brought in. A rug will anchor furniture – go as big as possible and at least place the front feet of your furniture on it, giving the illusion of space even in smaller areas. Layout is so important to get right – it effects the flow of people through a room, how comfortable people are to socialise in a room and most of all, how to make the most of your space…


COLOUR The art of picking a colour palate for your room is daunting – it leads to all those tricky questions about complimentary shades, harmonious tones and what on earth primary and tertiary colours actually are. We suggest taking it back a step and deciding how bold you are looking to go – deep, rich colour? Or will you be keeping to neutral tones? Think about what rooms lead off from here – too many bold colours next door to each other will compete for attention! Inspiration is really all around you – snap photos of colours you like while wandering around, browse through magazines and pinterest type sites pulling out the spaces you are instantly attracted to. You will find you tend towards a certain style and will begin to build a narrative of colours, designs and detailing. This is where to begin experimenting – sample pots of colour on the biggest card you can find. Tape these to your walls and live with them for a while – especially looking both during the day and evening. Light changes so much depending on the direction the room faces.  From here you can build up a scheme adding fabrics, finishes and accessories for a mix of colour that is balanced and full of personality. For more on the science behind colour, click through below to our post on Understanding colour…


ART Art is personal and there is no right or wrong. Hanging art is another story however. Pieces with scale or significance can hang on their own but if you have smaller prints or frames, think about hanging them together for more impact. Height is another point to consider – hang too high or too low and you will miss it altogether and it won’t be adding the colour and pattern that art is so good for in a room. As a tip, hang your art at 145cm on centre – this is an average eye level and is the standard used by many galleries and museums. If in doubt, cut out paper templates to your frames sizes and stick these to the wall first, you may discover an arrangement you hadn’t considered before…


DECLUTTER declutter declutter…It is the perfect time to get rid of all the pieces you hate – if it means nothing to you, not beautiful to look at and serves no purpose, get rid of it or move it to another room. It opens more space up to new things, new possibilities and new designs!

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